Wrath of the Righteous

Clearing the island

Well here we are on Colphyr Island. We avoided the tentacles that are around the runestone. We flew upstream to the look for the mining area. We stay low to avoid the vrocks. There are more of them than you can shake a stick at. It is a long way to the head of the river. There is a box canyon of purple stone and we see a large cave up in the wall. We fly up and peer in. There is a slime demon who is trying to change to look like a succubus. She looks pretty shitty. She starts communicating telepathically and waving for us to come to her. Babes insults it and it looks shocked. It comments that the ones we are after are down the big hole in the floor. She introduces herself as the Folsom Queen. Jay and I seem willing to just avoid her. Babs wants to kill her.
All of a sudden a dragon appears crawling up out of the hole. Anrui runs over and hits it only to find that it is an illusion. Bob points out that the real dragon is over in the corner behind us. Babs beats on the slime demon but amazingly it survives the first round of attacks. The dragon puts up a blade barrier and traps Anrui on the side with it. Everyone else is on the other side with the slime demon. Jay finishes off the slime demon and then begins to shoot the dragon. Anrui charges the dragon and hacks it down. Babs and Anrui charge a tentacle monster that has appeared. Babs chops it into calamari. A dragon’s treasure mound appears and the false image hiding it fades. Taking loot from evil feels good. I also take a dragons tooth as a souvenir.
We start down the shaft. About a 1000 feet down, we find a chamber. We decide to explore this area before we continue on down the shaft. Someone has a fetish with goat headed demons. There are carvings of these ugly things all over the walls. There are a bunch kalavakus and gibrileth plus a glabezu. Babs kills one and severely wounds another. Anrui kills the glabezu in a couple hits. The evil ones swarm around Babs and Anrui. The bad guys swing wildly but do no damage. Jay kills one. Babs steps up and slaughters the three in front of her. Anrui pwns the two in front of him and yell “next”. The remaining two charge Anrui and miss on their attacks. Jay starts blasting one of the remaining guys and kills him. Then he pokes a big hole through the only remaining guy. Anrui sticks his dagger through the hole and kills the last guy.
Now to explore the rooms. Jay finds a really nasty trap on one of the doors. He disables the rune trap and makes it look like a smiley face. We step through the door and find a room full of evil creatures. Why would anyone have a room of bad guys with a fancy rune lock on the door? Couldn’t these bad guys protect the room?
Hepzamirah casts a spell and damages Babs for about 1/3 of her hit points. Was this the most damage ever done to Babs in a single attack? Then Hepzamirah casts a blade barrier. Everyone moves to the side with Hepzamirah. Anrui attacks her and does massive damage. She splits open and Baphomet comes out and starts forming. He lectures us but then is attacked by Nocticula who forces him to leave us. There is a portal and Baphomet is forced through it. Babs attacks a mythic Minotaur and kills it. Now some guys step out of the wall. They all have the sign of Baphomet etched into their armor. What kind of nonsense is this? Hepzamirah and Baphomet have left. Why are these still here? They surround Babs. Probably a real bad idea. Oh my God. They are anti-paladins. A couple of these guys hit Babs and one hits Jay. He boils over with anger and cusses at the guy. Jay shoots a bolt right through his head and he drops. Rule #3. Don’t piss off Jay. Anrui hits the grave knight in front of him a couple times but misses most of the attacks. He must be getting tired. Bob makes Babs big and she does a meat grinder cleave and kills eight guys including the guy who hit Anrui. Now there is only one Minotaur left. Jay finishes him off. The area is cleared and we start searching for loot. There is quite a lot plus a bag of holding type 2. We also find 22 human prisoners and free them.
Babs communes about what to do with the crystal that is on the desk in the room. It is evil and there isn’t much we can do with it other than destroy it. Everyone other than Babs leaves the room. Babs beats the evil out of the crystal until it breaks and the glow fades.
We take the portal and we are back in our land but we are 240 miles from the Drezen. We lean of new developments. The Herald of Iomede has been taken. The evil Templars and the other Baphomet forces have vanished from the World Wound.
We find out that Baphomet was actually killed and therefore returned to his realm. He is stuck on his realm now and if he gets killed there within the next year, he will die forever.
We are pulled into the presence of Iomede. She asks us some questions to see if we are worthy to do a mission for her. She decides we are worthy and gives us the Chalice of Ozem. This chalice can hold the blood of the Father of Wyrms and it can melt any lock. This will let us get to Baphomet to kill him. She gives us a thread of cloth that will act as a special stole that will give us some special abilities including a plain shift for a quick retreat to her. She sends us back and we appear where we were with a bronze symbol of Iomede in our hand. This symbol will port us to the Ivory Labyrinth where Baphomet resides.
Our research shows that his area is larger than the Inner Seas region. It is a series of mazes. The Breathless Mountains maze has the Ineluctable Prison where Baphomet keeps his favorite prisoners. Probably where the Herald is being held. The Father of Wyrms is in the Lightless Maze which is a series of damp underground tunnels. We will go to the mazes.



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