Wrath of the Righteous

Exploring the Ivory Sanctum

End the threat of the Templars


After removing Jerribeth, we continue our search of the Sanctum. Examining the laboratory and nearby prison cells, it is apparent that the Templars were performing anthropomancy to work divinations. The work appears to be a formula used to create a planar binding on natives of the prime material plane, transporting them to the Abyss or other similar locations. Not good.

In the cathedral area, we find three brain collectors, strange creatures from the Dark Tapestry. They were invited here by Xanthir Vang, to help in his evil plots. They appear to be the culprits behind the laboratory work, and since we don’t want that work to continue, and because they are very evil, we send them to their maker, whatever manner of strange being that might be.

Further exploring uncovers some powerful objects of Iomedae, which we recover for the crusades. We also find some other associates of Xanthir, whom we send back to their unholy planes of existence. Their plans are outlined in some very well trapped and protected documents, and inside these documents are many secrets – locations of their hidden bases, sleeper agents, and very recent and specific maps. They also point out likely nahyndrian elixir distribution routes and locations, which should be a great boon to the crusade.

Finally, Xanthir Vang is located in the training areas. He is surrounded by powerful minions, but they fall quickly to the paladin corp, along Bob and I’s help. Xanthir lasts a bit longer with some clever spell-play, but even he cannot stand against our combined might. We raid his treasure trove, where his journal reveals some of his most powerful works and secrets, including nahyndrian crystals, the chisel used to destroy the Wardstone, and attempting construction of a great nahyndrian golem.

We then head back to civilization.




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