Wrath of the Righteous

Into the Darkness

Of a few Paladins in the Midnight Isles


It is done, the rift from the Midnight Fane to the Midnight Isles is now closed. We will have to hope that Queen Galifrey is safe on the Prime Material side with Yaniel and they return to the army safely. We will also have to hope that the closing of the rift was already a noticeable start to gaining Nocticula’s attention as we head toward her capital, Alushinyrra. The sooner we complete this task, the sooner we can be out of this realm. My feathers already itch from the Chaos and Evil of this place.

The isle we are currently on is from a demon of destroyed cities and loss, it simulates a steaming jungle. Alushinyrra is on the isle of Alinythia, which is not where we are. Aureshalae and I take an aerial view of the jungle and see a ruined structure. When we arrive it seems to be a temple to Nocticula. Lucky for us, there is a short ritual that we can perform to open a portal here directly to Alushinyrra. As soon as we arrive some demons attempt to take us into slavery, and they fail miserably. We walk around and find that the most prestigious and exclusive battle arena is Battlebliss. We decide this may be the fastest way for us to gain Nocticula’s attention so we head there to test demon mettle against ours.

At Battlebliss, we find that the reigning undefeated champion is a four-armed incubus named Geldarfang. We tell the bookie, an obese cambian called Irgleth, that a Paladin of Iomedae has come to challenge him. This seems to create quite the buzz for us. Geldarfang fights alone, and we thrash him soundly within seconds, but then a few others illegally join the ring to challenge us. Irgleth plays it off as a surprise part of the entry, but no matter. The would be assassin demon and Minagho also lay dead by our righteous blades.

As we leave the Battlebliss victorious, Nocticula herself speaks to our minds. She wishes us to come to the Vault of Graves and defeat her guardians. We learn that this is the place she keeps records of all her kills, but we show no fear as we enter. The guardians are no match for our combined might. In the following chamber, Nocticula herself stands to congratulate us. Her presence is….overpowering even to our stout souls.

It seems Nocticula has known all along that the allies of Baphomet and Deskari had been mining her crystals without permission. She was waiting to see who would be sent to challenge them from the Crusade. Her plan was to offer her assistance to us so that she may in a twisted way gain a favor from Iomedae down the road. She also offers to provide us with a boon, which we all wisely decline. It is helpful enough that she knows which Isle they are currently mining, and can send us fairly close to there. We take a portal, which is not necessarily the safest route, but we arrive relatively unscathed.

Culphir is the isle of the demon lord of dragons, jungles, and poison water. The sky is black with thousands of Vrocks, making flight impossible. Shortly through the portal, we are beset by both a flayed angel and a strange obelisk that seems to have a direct link to a massive qlippoth whose tentacles try desperately to touch us. From here we stay low to the ground, and make our way upriver to confront these miners. May Iomedae keep us safe.




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