Wrath of the Righteous

Pucker Up, Buttercup

In Which We Shut Down Woundtown


Jay is so boring, I thought I’d better hand the journal entry of our big victory. We head back up towards the prime material plane, and I get with the ritual-making while the Bobettes run support duty. The sky rattles, and the world shakes, and reality goes all topsy turvy, but I hold my shit together, and the presto change-o! The big asshole starts to pucker up, and just before it closes I toss the book inside.

BOOM! One less wound in the world. I better tell the world about the Herald’s latest accomplishment, as soon as my head stops spinning from the reality warp…

HOLY SHIT! Where did fucking Deskari come from? And where the fuck are my meat shields? FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

I managed to survive the first onslaught from the Big D and his douche pools, thank Desna’s sweet ass. Casting a very well timed Mythic Time Stop, I was able to rally the troops and we had a few moments to buff up with the wicked magicks and position ourselves in the perfect places to start time back up again.


Big D manages to spit (not swallow, how rude) at us, making a nasty mess. He also bites Babs on her ass (who could blame him for that). After that, Jay unleashes a barrage of bolts and Rui slices and dices, and even the mighty Deskari cannot stand against that kind of punishment, and goes down like a bitch. His minions are not much to mop up, and soon after we are on our way back to Drezen and a celebration to go down in history!

I’m totally getting Jay drunk and seducing his ass!

One final time – snoochie boochies!




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