Wrath of the Righteous

Suffering Succubus Shenanigans

Time to Nut Hard on Some Demon Lord Plots and Plans


Baphomet and Deskari are mining the Midnight Isles of Nahyndrian crystals, and they are doing it without the knowledge of the local ruler, Nocticula the Succubus Queen. Bad idea! Although their minions are attempting to form an alliance, and have her join against us in the Worldwound, if Nocci found out about their behind-the-scenes crystal stealing, she would be super pissed. That shit’s mad wack! Sounds like we need to let her know pretty damn quick. Having Demon Lords fighting each other is always the best way to handle them.

Also, that nasty super serum for demons and shit is being distributed from the Midnight Fain, and we definitely need to hit that place with a nuke from orbit (it’s the only way to be sure).

After spending a few days resting up and chillin’, Queen Galifrey shows up with important news. A rare and dangerous tome has been uncovered, which was used to open the Worldwound in the first place! They hope to use it to close it back down, but the wizard folks need to spend some time working on it. They also might have a way to close the rift where the Nahydrian crystals are being imported, likely also at the Midnight Fain. While we are down there, we should go into the Abyssal Midnight Isles and convince Noticula that the alliance is no bueno. Time to make the fucking chimichangas!

Gal Pal decides to join us on our trek, so we get to spend some time getting to know our reigning queen.

On arrival, we are greeted by a couple of flunkies, who escort us to the head bitch of the area. She is accompanied by a fallen paladin, in fact Yaniel, who tries to talk us into surrender. She obviously doesn’t know us very well, and Jay and I buff and release our paladins among the demons. Shit storm ensues, and soon there are no demons remaining. Snoochie boochies!

We even get to rescue Yaniel, who had been captured and turned into a husk. That trickster trick Minagho, whom had captured her and was impersonating her with magic, unfortunately escaped into the rift. Once we get Yani up and about, and send her back to the city, we are prepared to head off to the Abyss for a lovely weekend away.

As soon as we step into the portal, a group of Malfeshnee demons attack us! They are really big, and really tough, and shouldn’t be allowed to sneak up on a sister. Fuck the Abyss!

Bob and Gally close the rift, and we begin to plot our next steps.



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