Anevia Tirabade

Dark-haired Female Human




For 4 years she made her way north across the continent from Nisroch. She occasionally made contact with temples of Desna on her travels, offering her services as a thief or scout for whatever missions the temple saw fit to send her on. It was on such a mission that she met the woman who would change her life forever.
While wintering in the city of Tymon, Anevia was hired by a Desnan scholar to retrieve several sacred objects from a forgotten shrine in the northwestern River Kingdoms. Unknown to her, though, this “scholar” was in fact a kyton-blooded tiefling spy in service to the Silent Shroud who had been tracking her for years, and the “shrine” she’d been tasked with locating was merely a ruined tower where the agent’s mercenaries were lying in ambush. Anevia was captured, but as fortune would have it, the spy was himself being tracked by a paladin named Irabeth. This paladin caught up with the mercenaries just as they were preparing to hobble the captured Anevia with a bone saw; she killed the mercenaries and their tiefling leader and rescued Anevia.
In thanks for her rescue, Anevia pledged her skills to Irabeth, but the paladin would have none of it, saying, “You’re welcome to travel with me, but you owe me nothing.” As it worked out, Irabeth was about to return to the city of Kenabres after several years away from home—and by the time the two reached their destination, they’d fallen in love.

Anevia Tirabade

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