Jaysiminus "Ace" Maracookson

Male Halfling (?) Bolt Ace/Bard


Jay, or “Ace” as he is commonly known, is a strange looking halfling, with blue hair, large blue eyes that are strangely catlike, and matching kitty-cat-shaped ears sticking up on the top of his head. He also has a fuzzy blue tail that looks like it came off of a blueberry monkey. He is approaching middle age, but has yet to show much sign of aging.


Ace is a crossbowman extraordinaire! He has been in the military for many years, and carries himself like a veteran. His jobs were mostly of the clandestine nature, as he was a member of the special forces, where he rose through the ranks to officer through his natural leadership and knowledge of tactics – as well as quite a bit of halfling luck!

Not quite as happy-go-lucky as most halflings, the years of war and living on the edge of the Worldwound have worn Jay down a bit. He can be a bit gruff at times, as most old soldiers are, but it is hard not to like him. He has a way of inspiring those around him through his songs and his example, and once someone has served under him, they find few others who are as capable.

Jaysiminus "Ace" Maracookson

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