Saribobbins "Silent Bob" Blessedbeme

Female Halfling Sorceress/Oracle


Sari, or “Bob” for short (don’t ask), is your typical, exuberant young halfling. Barely into adulthood, she still acts a bit immature at times, and dresses like a “teenage prostitute” according to Ace. Although she cannot speak, she is very expressive in her face and body language, and can usually get her point across even without words.


Bob is a natural caster, familiar with both Arcane and Divine spells. She was born with these gifts, and despite being mute, she considers her life blessed. Leaving home at an early age, she has sort of been “adopted” by Jay, who sees her as a kid sister, much to her annoyance.

Although she is kind and caring to all, she has a bit of a mischievous streak, and likes to play minor pranks. She also loves dirty jokes, much to the chagrin of Jay. She is very flirtatious with other small folk, although her heart is already set on someone close to her…

Saribobbins "Silent Bob" Blessedbeme

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