Brazen Head

A wall-mounted face


Brazen Head

Aura faint divination (evil) and enchantment (evil); CL 5th
Slot none; Price 6,500gp; Weight 10 lbs


A brazen head is an object sacred to the cult of Baphomet. Most brazen heads appear to be the head of a minotaur, but others in the shape of humans, animals, or multi-faced demons exist.

When mounted on a wall in an area sacred to Baphomet, the brazen head constantly breathes out invisible vapors that fill a 60-foot spread. Any evil creature in this area gains the benefit of a bless spell.

When in the area of an unhallow spell cast by a worshiper of Baphomet, a brazen head can be used once per month to perform an augury. Rumors exist of more powerful brazen heads capable of casting divination or even commune.


Requirements Craft Wonderous Item, Bless, Augury, must worship Baphomet; Cost 3,250gp


Brazen Head

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