Wrath of the Righteous

Pucker Up, Buttercup
In Which We Shut Down Woundtown


Jay is so boring, I thought I’d better hand the journal entry of our big victory. We head back up towards the prime material plane, and I get with the ritual-making while the Bobettes run support duty. The sky rattles, and the world shakes, and reality goes all topsy turvy, but I hold my shit together, and the presto change-o! The big asshole starts to pucker up, and just before it closes I toss the book inside.

BOOM! One less wound in the world. I better tell the world about the Herald’s latest accomplishment, as soon as my head stops spinning from the reality warp…

HOLY SHIT! Where did fucking Deskari come from? And where the fuck are my meat shields? FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

I managed to survive the first onslaught from the Big D and his douche pools, thank Desna’s sweet ass. Casting a very well timed Mythic Time Stop, I was able to rally the troops and we had a few moments to buff up with the wicked magicks and position ourselves in the perfect places to start time back up again.


Big D manages to spit (not swallow, how rude) at us, making a nasty mess. He also bites Babs on her ass (who could blame him for that). After that, Jay unleashes a barrage of bolts and Rui slices and dices, and even the mighty Deskari cannot stand against that kind of punishment, and goes down like a bitch. His minions are not much to mop up, and soon after we are on our way back to Drezen and a celebration to go down in history!

I’m totally getting Jay drunk and seducing his ass!

One final time – snoochie boochies!


The Tower of Threshold
The Final Assault on the Worldwound


After a night of recovery and strategizing, we teleport to the edge of the lake of worms and fire that surrounds the Threshold. Guardian black dragons and their worm-that-walks riders notice our arrival, and move to intercept. We meet them in the skies above the lake, and they fall in a few moments to our blades and arrows.

We fly to the tower, and place our first dimensional lock in the proper location before entering the lower levels.

First level contains the summoning area. A Balor lord, as well as a group of his minions, watch over these halls. Bob disintegrates the Balor, Rui slices up the Shemhazian demon, and Bab’s takes care of the rest. We find Wivver Noclan, one of the casters who played an integral part in opening the Worldwound, is also here, although he has been horrible deformed and tortured by magic. After putting him out of his misery, we dimensional lock the summoning room and move on.

The entrance to the next level drops us straight through a pond of maggots and into the Rasping Rifts in the Abyss. Deskari’s realm, the place continues to make our skin crawl. Waiting for us is a Devastator and additional troops, and again we are forced to waste resources on Deskari’s cronies before moving on.

We manage to free Lhaksharut Inevitable from his magical prison, and he joins our ranks. We also find Opun, another of the original casters tricked by Areelu Vorlesh into creating the Worldwound. After resting in Bob’s pocket mansion, we continue our quest to find the source.

This level proves a bit trickier. Areelu is waiting with Khorramzadeh’s shade (a nightwalker), the Favored of Deskari, the Echo of Deskari, and four greater death demons. They pack quite a punch! Areelu’s familiar attempts to death attack Bob, and Areelu’s spells are of the nasty variety, but again the Herald of Iomedae and her combat unit are victorious. Now, for the ritual…

Wrath of the Pallies


We get back to Drezen and there is no time for celebration. Queen Galfrey appears and needs us to go on another mission immediately. She drones on and on about this mission. Essentially – go somewhere and kill bad guys. Then do some ritual to close the Worldwound.
We teleport to IZ. There are some constructs. Damn. Babes sold that mace. It would have kicked their butts. We decide on a full frontal assault. We seem a little over confident. As we walk toward the constructs, they welcome us. Creepy. We go inside the building and a bugman welcomes us too. Another fly demon. He tells us we were expected. Could they think we are someone else? I whisper that to the others and Babes assures me that it is a trap. He leads us to an inner chamber. It is a round chamber with naughty pictures and a hot tub in the middle. Micajah greets us. She is a pretty succubus. There is another succubus and a greater death demon a little farther back. There are two nude Halflings being used as foot stools. There is a fat succubus and some others raking the back of a guy who is lying down. We realize that there are nude copies of each of us in the room. WTF????
After a few questions, we figure out that this is a house of ill repute and our clones are popular with the clients. I’m famous and Babes is hot.
Micajah goes to get Anemora for us. She comes back and says that Anemora is too busy to see us right now. We explain that either she comes now or we are going to her. That makes Micajah mad and she attacks. They are no match for us. A couple of the succubus yield and offer us information. Pleaser Ammon tells us that the Soul Foundry is about to fall into the rift. The suture is there. There is also a ravenger there who is appears to be made from our dragon who was killed as this whole mess started.
Babes flies up to the second level. She opens a door. Jay and I hope that Babes doesn’t die but we decide that we do have a spare. It turns out Babes had found Nocticula. I don’t quite know what is going on but it seems like she is helping us. She tells us how to use the hot tub pool to teleport to Anemora.
We dive in the pool and we appear in the rasping rift. There are four apocalypse locust and Mistress Anemora. While we kill the locust, Babes goes after Anemora and beats her down in one round. We all chanted Crit Crit Holy Shit as Babes chops her up. Now where is that chisel? We loot it from her. It has Mages Disjunction so I stick it in my pack.
We head for the Soul Foundry. As we walk in, we see Terendelev. She is a skeletal ravener now. We can see where a vertebrae was cut from her neck when she was decapitated. Her head moves as if it isn’t really hooked to the neck. Creepy. She hits us with a cold breath and it hurts Bob and Ari. The rest of us avoid the damage. Babes kills Terendelev in a couple hits. No ancient silver undead dragon stands a chance. A fire elemental attacks Jay and I kill it. Then a dead baby tries to blindside me but fails. Jay kills it plus the looser who comes out of the shadows. Jay resurrects Terendelev and Jay takes her to Drezen. Then he returns to Team Pally. We loot the rooms. We find the dragon’s horde. Jay finds a secret room with a dretch chained to the wall. It turns out he is the suture. As we are figuring out what to do with him, we hear the Storm King calling for us. He sounds really pissed off. The building begins to fall into the Worldwound. Jay throws the suture into a portable hole and we move to fight the Storm King. There are four katpaskir demons and the Storm king. They are ugly MFs. I run up and kill one of the demons. The Storm King doesn’t like that and he tries to hit me with his vorpal whip. Thank Iomedae that he misses. Babes flies up to one of the katpaskir demons and crits him with her first hit. Do you think he will live? Nope. The crit queen does him in. The two remaining demons move in to attack me and Babes. The one slashes at Babes and gets a few minor hits in. Jay shoots the one attacking me. Softening him up. The Storm King moves in to hit me. He gets a good hit on me but my mirror dodge saves me. Looked for – the ninja can not be seen. Jay kills the two remaining katpaskir demons. I feint the Storm King and then miss on my first attack. The second hit is true and the smiting crit kills the Storm King in one hit. 834 damage, 21 bleed and 2 strength drain. We loot the Storm King as the rift begins to expand to the ground near us. The Soul Foundry is falling into the void. Time to go.

Turning of the Tides
Where the Crusade takes a decided turn for the forces of Good


It takes very little time for Baphomet to arrive in Alderpash’s chambers. He brings with him three minotaurs filled with fiendishly mythic power. His superior speed allows him to cast both time stop to summon three balors and to attack bob and I with spells. Bob easily counters his attacks and we overcome the rest.

I do not easily admit that my heart held the tiniest bit of fear in facing a Demon Lord. I am sure we could have easily plane shifted away safely without facing him, but our desire to deal a most suffering blow to the war was too great. I pray to the goddess that we will see victory in this our most glorious challenge.

Jay kills a Balor in a flurry of bolts, and it explodes over the battlefield critically injuring Waxberry. If not for my Shielding effect she’d be dead now. Rui then stepped up and killed a Minotaur. Aureshalae peppered another with arrows. The Balor she hit then stepped forward and entangled her in his lash to continue hitting her with his flaming sword. My heart twists in a strange way at seeing her in mortal peril. Bob steps up and attempts to disintegrate the other two balors, and they save against.

I fly through the fray to unleash my holy fury upon Baphomet, only landing a critical blow once. I dealt 862 (1923) in one hit, the rest throughout the round. He survived the onslaught admirably. I would not expect the fall of a Demon Lord to be easy!

His follow-up is also admirable, though he only hit me 2-3 times. I fought off the worst of his attacks to keep myself up and protecting the party. Then the thing we feared would happen occurred – he cast Maze on me. Shunted into the extradimensional space, I had to find a way back out quickly so I could get back to the fight and protect the others.

Iomedae guide my steps so that I may continue to provide you glory. She indeed guided me out of the maze, though by the time I had returned, Jay had taken the lead in filling the demon lord full of so many bolts he could no longer stand against us. Praise the Inheritor!

With Baphomet’s defeat, Iomedae herself congratulates us on our achievement. The Hand of Iomedae has however lost his confidence and she needs someone to take his place until he regains his confidence, or the Crusades is completed once and for all. The weight of this responsibility is not to be taken lightly. If one of us were to take on this incredible honor, I am certain it would have further reaching effects than we could imagine at this time. None of the rest of our party, including Rui, seem confident in accepting. I am not confident, but I know I will try my best to be what the Inheritor needs for this Crusade.

We return to Drezen victorious, and send word to Queen Galifrey that we have dealt the Demon hordes yet another sturdy blow. It becomes quiet for awhile, the enemy is merely preparing for it’s next onslaught. Indeed after a time, the hordes of the Abyss come out to play. We are warned that a portal is attempting to be opened in Drezen’s basements, so we head down to keep them from invading us from within. The locust demons are no match for our combined power, and at the next opportunity we rush into the portal to take the fight to the Abyss. We find Aponavicius herself and several allies attempting to ruin a crusader’s day, so we decide to ruin hers instead. Among her flock is a great phoenix – whom I immediately recognize as Pyralisia. She was lost in the First Crusade, sacrificing herself to close a rift that threatened the completion of one of the Wardstones. It seems she didn’t die, but instead fell to the darkness and must be saved!

While my companions take out two iron golems, the locust demons and even Apona herself, I channel the might of Iomedae to bring Pyralisia to unconsciousness so that we may redeem her properly. We are successful. My hope is that the horrors brought upon her are not too scarring for her to continue to aid our efforts within the Worldwound. We have lost too many to the evil of this place. It hurts my heart to think of all the good and courageous souls who sacrificed themselves only to be corrupted to the evil they once so bravely fought. If only it were so easy to bring these evil creatures to the light.


Time To Make the Chimi-Fucking-Changas
In Which We *bleep* Baphomet's Minions in the *bleep*ing *bleep*!


Hey, who bleeped my subtitle? Asshole. Anyhow, here’s what’s going on.

It’s time for Baphomet’s minions to feel our ass kicking boots!

First we want to help a brotha out and raise an Astral Deva to assist in the cause. He looks like all he’ll be helpful in is healing support. Not much else, though, so I better keep an eye on him.

Next, we need to bring back the Herald, which means we need his Heart. That is supposed to be in the vault, so we head down there and wipe out the sissy bitch minotaurs and their pet iron golem. Sure enough, the Heart is there, along with that uber Iomedae scimitar thingee we were seeking, and so we make out like lesbians at a Jewel concert.

We follow up the vault visit with a trip to the Deep Isolation Cells, where a rune giant is trapped. We need to take him down to pound town to draw the attention of the Warden, so we can drop them both hard. Freeing him is easy with magic (mother fuckers) and the battle is short and sweet with a gang-up by the paladin posse. However, the Warden and her girlfriends are a little bit tougher, with Ylleshka actually getting a chance to swing at Jay. He makes her look silly with his kooky monkey dance, and then our paladins take it to her with their mighty smitey slashiness, and she doesn’t make it. BOOM!

Once we’ve rested, we head to the Prison to save Bab’s buddy Herald. He’s gone and gotten mighty ugly, what with the nasty mojo Baphomet’s been up to, and he even has a Maze Gaze going on. We are forced to beat him down and Atone him up before shoving his heart back in and bringing him back from the Dark Side. Plus, the Svandack and Inger-Maggor decide to crash the party, and we have to mop up their teeth from all the face punching they take. Hurray for Team Iomedae!

  • Heart of Herald – check.
  • Rune Giant – check.
  • Torturer – check.
  • Warden – check.
  • High Priestess – check.
  • Ivory Hunter – check.
  • Herald saved – super duper pooper check!

We’re coming for you, Baphomet!

Snoochie boochies!


Into the Ivory Labyrinth
Taking the Fight to the Enemy


The entrance to the Ivory Labyrinth is watched, and as we appear we are assaulted by the guardian creatures, led by a marilith demon. Rui takes her out, while Babs and I finish the rest of her minions. We take a moment to get our bearings before we move on.

The Labyrinth is vast, a dungeon-like tangle of rooms and tunnels, with the walls and floor formed from countless numbers of bones of all shapes and sizes. Fortunately our tracking and survival skills have grown appreciably in the last few months,and we make steady progress. Six days of travel finds us approaching the Breathless Mountains.

These Mountains consist of winding ledges, passes, and tunnels through 25k to 45k feet tall mountains. Frigid conditions persist, and we are forced to endure the elements for sixteen days of misery. Various creatures are encountered, but the critters in this area of the realm are not a serious threat to a party of our skill. At the end of the last day, we leave the mountains and enter the next region, where we find the prison we seek.

Suspended above a caldera of black water, the Ineluctable Prison lives up to its name. Demons stand before the only visible door in the structure, awaiting our arrival. Entrance and exit will not be easy. Fortunately, we are not easily deterred. Once the demons are vanquished, we approach the hideous door, the Groaning Gate, and I proceed to disable the trap and pick the locks. We then enter the prison proper.

We quickly come to an acid-filled room being patrolled by a group of demodands, who are made quick work of by Babs. However, the rooms other inhabitant, some sort of crystal ooze, paralyzes most of our party before we can even react. I make myself invisible and work on the door locks while Rui dodges and weaves around the oozes tentacle strikes. Once the door is open, Rui and I drag our friends to the relative safety of the next room.

After wandering aimlessly through the maze of prison, a Helping Hand appears before us, appearing to beckon us forward. Hoping that Iomedae’s Herald has found a way to guide us, we follow the hand. It leads us to a halfling girl named Waxberry, who apparently was caught up in the capture of the Herald, and has been here every since. She claims to have seen Baphomet attempting to corrupt the Herald, taking his heart and giving it to the Warden. She also tells us of another prisoner, Alderpash, whom the demons appear to fear, and and we move with increased haste to find this captive, the Warden, and of course our Herald.

After discussing our options, Bob decides to use her magicks to learn more about Alderpash. She discovers that he is, in fact, an ancient Rune Lord of Thassilon, the Lord of Wrath, who had dealing with Baphomet in his elder days, which lead to his being imprisoned here for countless centuries. His status as a lich has kept him undying. Babs wishes to speak with the ancient Rune Lord, and so we continue our search for his cell. Along the way, we encounter the haunt of a crusader who tasks us with retrieving her weapon, Dawnflower’s Kiss, to help her find her rest.

Once we locate Alderpash, we discover that he is not physically imprisoned, but kept in with a Binding. He has turned himself into a lich in the intervening years, likely to prolong his existence. Although he has doubts about Atoning for his misdeeds, his centuries of imprisonment have him considering any means to end his incarceration. He agrees to Atone, and joins us in our mission to end Baphomet and free the Herald.


Clearing the island

Well here we are on Colphyr Island. We avoided the tentacles that are around the runestone. We flew upstream to the look for the mining area. We stay low to avoid the vrocks. There are more of them than you can shake a stick at. It is a long way to the head of the river. There is a box canyon of purple stone and we see a large cave up in the wall. We fly up and peer in. There is a slime demon who is trying to change to look like a succubus. She looks pretty shitty. She starts communicating telepathically and waving for us to come to her. Babes insults it and it looks shocked. It comments that the ones we are after are down the big hole in the floor. She introduces herself as the Folsom Queen. Jay and I seem willing to just avoid her. Babs wants to kill her.
All of a sudden a dragon appears crawling up out of the hole. Anrui runs over and hits it only to find that it is an illusion. Bob points out that the real dragon is over in the corner behind us. Babs beats on the slime demon but amazingly it survives the first round of attacks. The dragon puts up a blade barrier and traps Anrui on the side with it. Everyone else is on the other side with the slime demon. Jay finishes off the slime demon and then begins to shoot the dragon. Anrui charges the dragon and hacks it down. Babs and Anrui charge a tentacle monster that has appeared. Babs chops it into calamari. A dragon’s treasure mound appears and the false image hiding it fades. Taking loot from evil feels good. I also take a dragons tooth as a souvenir.
We start down the shaft. About a 1000 feet down, we find a chamber. We decide to explore this area before we continue on down the shaft. Someone has a fetish with goat headed demons. There are carvings of these ugly things all over the walls. There are a bunch kalavakus and gibrileth plus a glabezu. Babs kills one and severely wounds another. Anrui kills the glabezu in a couple hits. The evil ones swarm around Babs and Anrui. The bad guys swing wildly but do no damage. Jay kills one. Babs steps up and slaughters the three in front of her. Anrui pwns the two in front of him and yell “next”. The remaining two charge Anrui and miss on their attacks. Jay starts blasting one of the remaining guys and kills him. Then he pokes a big hole through the only remaining guy. Anrui sticks his dagger through the hole and kills the last guy.
Now to explore the rooms. Jay finds a really nasty trap on one of the doors. He disables the rune trap and makes it look like a smiley face. We step through the door and find a room full of evil creatures. Why would anyone have a room of bad guys with a fancy rune lock on the door? Couldn’t these bad guys protect the room?
Hepzamirah casts a spell and damages Babs for about 1/3 of her hit points. Was this the most damage ever done to Babs in a single attack? Then Hepzamirah casts a blade barrier. Everyone moves to the side with Hepzamirah. Anrui attacks her and does massive damage. She splits open and Baphomet comes out and starts forming. He lectures us but then is attacked by Nocticula who forces him to leave us. There is a portal and Baphomet is forced through it. Babs attacks a mythic Minotaur and kills it. Now some guys step out of the wall. They all have the sign of Baphomet etched into their armor. What kind of nonsense is this? Hepzamirah and Baphomet have left. Why are these still here? They surround Babs. Probably a real bad idea. Oh my God. They are anti-paladins. A couple of these guys hit Babs and one hits Jay. He boils over with anger and cusses at the guy. Jay shoots a bolt right through his head and he drops. Rule #3. Don’t piss off Jay. Anrui hits the grave knight in front of him a couple times but misses most of the attacks. He must be getting tired. Bob makes Babs big and she does a meat grinder cleave and kills eight guys including the guy who hit Anrui. Now there is only one Minotaur left. Jay finishes him off. The area is cleared and we start searching for loot. There is quite a lot plus a bag of holding type 2. We also find 22 human prisoners and free them.
Babs communes about what to do with the crystal that is on the desk in the room. It is evil and there isn’t much we can do with it other than destroy it. Everyone other than Babs leaves the room. Babs beats the evil out of the crystal until it breaks and the glow fades.
We take the portal and we are back in our land but we are 240 miles from the Drezen. We lean of new developments. The Herald of Iomede has been taken. The evil Templars and the other Baphomet forces have vanished from the World Wound.
We find out that Baphomet was actually killed and therefore returned to his realm. He is stuck on his realm now and if he gets killed there within the next year, he will die forever.
We are pulled into the presence of Iomede. She asks us some questions to see if we are worthy to do a mission for her. She decides we are worthy and gives us the Chalice of Ozem. This chalice can hold the blood of the Father of Wyrms and it can melt any lock. This will let us get to Baphomet to kill him. She gives us a thread of cloth that will act as a special stole that will give us some special abilities including a plain shift for a quick retreat to her. She sends us back and we appear where we were with a bronze symbol of Iomede in our hand. This symbol will port us to the Ivory Labyrinth where Baphomet resides.
Our research shows that his area is larger than the Inner Seas region. It is a series of mazes. The Breathless Mountains maze has the Ineluctable Prison where Baphomet keeps his favorite prisoners. Probably where the Herald is being held. The Father of Wyrms is in the Lightless Maze which is a series of damp underground tunnels. We will go to the mazes.

Into the Darkness
Of a few Paladins in the Midnight Isles


It is done, the rift from the Midnight Fane to the Midnight Isles is now closed. We will have to hope that Queen Galifrey is safe on the Prime Material side with Yaniel and they return to the army safely. We will also have to hope that the closing of the rift was already a noticeable start to gaining Nocticula’s attention as we head toward her capital, Alushinyrra. The sooner we complete this task, the sooner we can be out of this realm. My feathers already itch from the Chaos and Evil of this place.

The isle we are currently on is from a demon of destroyed cities and loss, it simulates a steaming jungle. Alushinyrra is on the isle of Alinythia, which is not where we are. Aureshalae and I take an aerial view of the jungle and see a ruined structure. When we arrive it seems to be a temple to Nocticula. Lucky for us, there is a short ritual that we can perform to open a portal here directly to Alushinyrra. As soon as we arrive some demons attempt to take us into slavery, and they fail miserably. We walk around and find that the most prestigious and exclusive battle arena is Battlebliss. We decide this may be the fastest way for us to gain Nocticula’s attention so we head there to test demon mettle against ours.

At Battlebliss, we find that the reigning undefeated champion is a four-armed incubus named Geldarfang. We tell the bookie, an obese cambian called Irgleth, that a Paladin of Iomedae has come to challenge him. This seems to create quite the buzz for us. Geldarfang fights alone, and we thrash him soundly within seconds, but then a few others illegally join the ring to challenge us. Irgleth plays it off as a surprise part of the entry, but no matter. The would be assassin demon and Minagho also lay dead by our righteous blades.

As we leave the Battlebliss victorious, Nocticula herself speaks to our minds. She wishes us to come to the Vault of Graves and defeat her guardians. We learn that this is the place she keeps records of all her kills, but we show no fear as we enter. The guardians are no match for our combined might. In the following chamber, Nocticula herself stands to congratulate us. Her presence is….overpowering even to our stout souls.

It seems Nocticula has known all along that the allies of Baphomet and Deskari had been mining her crystals without permission. She was waiting to see who would be sent to challenge them from the Crusade. Her plan was to offer her assistance to us so that she may in a twisted way gain a favor from Iomedae down the road. She also offers to provide us with a boon, which we all wisely decline. It is helpful enough that she knows which Isle they are currently mining, and can send us fairly close to there. We take a portal, which is not necessarily the safest route, but we arrive relatively unscathed.

Culphir is the isle of the demon lord of dragons, jungles, and poison water. The sky is black with thousands of Vrocks, making flight impossible. Shortly through the portal, we are beset by both a flayed angel and a strange obelisk that seems to have a direct link to a massive qlippoth whose tentacles try desperately to touch us. From here we stay low to the ground, and make our way upriver to confront these miners. May Iomedae keep us safe.


Suffering Succubus Shenanigans
Time to Nut Hard on Some Demon Lord Plots and Plans


Baphomet and Deskari are mining the Midnight Isles of Nahyndrian crystals, and they are doing it without the knowledge of the local ruler, Nocticula the Succubus Queen. Bad idea! Although their minions are attempting to form an alliance, and have her join against us in the Worldwound, if Nocci found out about their behind-the-scenes crystal stealing, she would be super pissed. That shit’s mad wack! Sounds like we need to let her know pretty damn quick. Having Demon Lords fighting each other is always the best way to handle them.

Also, that nasty super serum for demons and shit is being distributed from the Midnight Fain, and we definitely need to hit that place with a nuke from orbit (it’s the only way to be sure).

After spending a few days resting up and chillin’, Queen Galifrey shows up with important news. A rare and dangerous tome has been uncovered, which was used to open the Worldwound in the first place! They hope to use it to close it back down, but the wizard folks need to spend some time working on it. They also might have a way to close the rift where the Nahydrian crystals are being imported, likely also at the Midnight Fain. While we are down there, we should go into the Abyssal Midnight Isles and convince Noticula that the alliance is no bueno. Time to make the fucking chimichangas!

Gal Pal decides to join us on our trek, so we get to spend some time getting to know our reigning queen.

On arrival, we are greeted by a couple of flunkies, who escort us to the head bitch of the area. She is accompanied by a fallen paladin, in fact Yaniel, who tries to talk us into surrender. She obviously doesn’t know us very well, and Jay and I buff and release our paladins among the demons. Shit storm ensues, and soon there are no demons remaining. Snoochie boochies!

We even get to rescue Yaniel, who had been captured and turned into a husk. That trickster trick Minagho, whom had captured her and was impersonating her with magic, unfortunately escaped into the rift. Once we get Yani up and about, and send her back to the city, we are prepared to head off to the Abyss for a lovely weekend away.

As soon as we step into the portal, a group of Malfeshnee demons attack us! They are really big, and really tough, and shouldn’t be allowed to sneak up on a sister. Fuck the Abyss!

Bob and Gally close the rift, and we begin to plot our next steps.

Exploring the Ivory Sanctum
End the threat of the Templars


After removing Jerribeth, we continue our search of the Sanctum. Examining the laboratory and nearby prison cells, it is apparent that the Templars were performing anthropomancy to work divinations. The work appears to be a formula used to create a planar binding on natives of the prime material plane, transporting them to the Abyss or other similar locations. Not good.

In the cathedral area, we find three brain collectors, strange creatures from the Dark Tapestry. They were invited here by Xanthir Vang, to help in his evil plots. They appear to be the culprits behind the laboratory work, and since we don’t want that work to continue, and because they are very evil, we send them to their maker, whatever manner of strange being that might be.

Further exploring uncovers some powerful objects of Iomedae, which we recover for the crusades. We also find some other associates of Xanthir, whom we send back to their unholy planes of existence. Their plans are outlined in some very well trapped and protected documents, and inside these documents are many secrets – locations of their hidden bases, sleeper agents, and very recent and specific maps. They also point out likely nahyndrian elixir distribution routes and locations, which should be a great boon to the crusade.

Finally, Xanthir Vang is located in the training areas. He is surrounded by powerful minions, but they fall quickly to the paladin corp, along Bob and I’s help. Xanthir lasts a bit longer with some clever spell-play, but even he cannot stand against our combined might. We raid his treasure trove, where his journal reveals some of his most powerful works and secrets, including nahyndrian crystals, the chisel used to destroy the Wardstone, and attempting construction of a great nahyndrian golem.

We then head back to civilization.



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