Wrath of the Righteous

The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Return to the City Above


We are in the village and resting up before we leave to help the chief rid the tunnel of the bad tribe. We rested our 8 hours and then we are off. The bad tribe is between us and the surface. Chief Saul knows that this tunnel was the shortest way to the surface. I am still fuming over the comments from the fat noble Horgus. It is a good thing I was able to spend some time praying to Iomedae. His lordship haggles to buy a rapier from the villagers. The wizard Aravashnial decides to stay in the village since he is blind. He does give us a wand of extra health before we leave.

We start up the tunnel. It quickly narrows to about five feet wide. I comment how we should spread one of our flasks of oil on his lordship to help him squeeze his fat body through the tunnel.

We come around a corner and BA detects chaos while I detect evil. I rush the guys and squeeze though an opening in their barricade. They swing wildly at me and miss. I can dance all day. BA and I flank one guy and I hack him down. I did see one guy with a monitor lizard in the other room and we all hear distant yelling. A bad guy comes up to the door and hits me hard with a club. BA floats down behind one and flanks with me. He swings wildly at her and she hits him hard. The lizard attacks me and bites my leg and the damn thing holds on. We control the doorway and we are pounding on anything that comes through. Wow. His lordship actually sticks the lizard with his new rapier and blood gushes forth from the wound. I finish the off lizard. A mongrel man steps through the door and clubs his lordship. Two cultist females are moving to us from inside the other room. We dispatch the mongrel men and BA steps through into the next room. She cleaves the two cultists. I step forward and disarm one of them. After that we make short work of the remaining enemies. We gather up the loot.

We start searching the rooms. There is a room with an amoeba to get rid of their garbage. Another tunnel goes to a water source. There is a way up and we hear voices. It is a guard asking if everything is OK. I talk to him and he goes away. We will have to deal with him. We decide to try the rope ladder that goes down first. Jay goes down to check things out. I start to follow but Jay sees more enemies and scampers back up. So BA goes down and I follow. I see two mongrel men, two tieflings step from the back and there is another cultist with a glaive. Crap. Another big fight. I had hoped we were done with this village.

We dispatch the mongrel men with ease. The tieflings are no real problem. The cultist sets some spiritual weapon attacking BA. That dumb thing keeps damaging BA and with some other damage, BA almost dies. I manage to disarm the cultist and we finish her off. Everyone heals up and we loot the dead. There is a scroll with some plans for the evil ones. It mentions three locations. It even has the password to gain access to these places. It looks like we know where we need to go to help clean out the evil vermin. We continue into a big room.

In a side room, we find a locked box. BA is strangely drawn to it. I am excited to pick the lock but BA has a key she picked off the cultists’ body. There is a pouch of jewels, some scrolls and a longsword in a dark wood case. BA pulls the sword from its case and it is of superb quality. Bob seems to know something about the sword and Bob says it is some lost relic from the Church of Iomedae. When BA is holding it, the sword morphs into a large longsword and it glows bright. The sword does some sort of magic transformation to all our weapons and we all have one magic weapon now.

We climb the ladder and find the guard I was talking to. I ask him and his partner to surrender. They attack and we dispatch them. We continue up the tunnel and end up in a narrow passage. I choose the left passage and there is an argument based on tactics. While we yell at each other, three demons attack. I kill one. BA smashes one to a pulp with a massive blow. The remaining one casts some kind of a stink cloud on us and I start puking. I stumble back up the tunnel the way we had come in. BA says she chopped the third one in two also. The puking faded and we reorganized ourselves to move onward again. We end up in an old sewer tunnel. We assume we are close to the surface but we decide we should go back to the village to get our blind friend. We get back to the village. We all tell Chief Saul about our experiences. I explain that the other area would be a great place for an outpost.

We head back to the sewer. About 100 feet past the start of the sewer we find new sewer tunnels. Then we find ladders going up. We are back to the surface. It is night and there is smoke in the air.

There are still fires burning in the distance. We seem to have come up on the edge of the destruction. The blind elf wants us to take him to the librarium. We head there and find it in ruins. It looks like there was a fight here and that something attacked it specifically. We hear a scream and enter what is left of the building. We end up in a fight with a cavalier trying to attract a demonic patron. He got a wicked hit against BA but our team finished him off quick. There were librarians tied up in the middle of the floor. Jay receives a spell book as thanks for the rescue of them. It looks like a worm that walks was what attacked this place. The worm was likely a Blackfire Adept leader for this area.

No one here at the librarium can cure Aravashnial’s blindness and he decides to stay at the library to help them clean up. We head north. A woman is sobbing. We investigate and we find three people in armor about to execute the woman. We yell for them to stop. These fools believe killing the girl will save them from the demons. We convince the fools to let the virgin go. They leave and she tells us that demons took the body of our fallen silver dragon into the Worldwound. We also learn that a few of the crusader groups are still fighting such as the Eagle Watch and are holed up in the Defender’s Heart, a large inn north of us.

We get Horgus back to his manor. It looks OK but we find that his servants have looted everything they could and are gone. He pays us the agreed upon 2,000 gold for his rescue. He stays at his manor in his hidden vault.

We head to Anevia’s house. We kill a few cultists on the way. Anivia points out her house. Irabeth was not there but a fire beetle that looks fiendish. We kill it and a half orc caster appears. He is really tough and it is a long hard fight to beat him down. Anevia finds a note from Irabeth with the password to meet up with her and we decide to rest here before venturing to the Defender’s Heart.

Lost in the Rift
Our Heroes Below Kenabres


It is the 16th of Arodus 4713, an auspicious occasion for the city of Kenabres. The holy day of Armasse is typically a day of festival, of instruction, and to heighten our low spirits as much as one can when living in the constant struggle against the demons of the Worldwound. Today however it is a terrible blow as right at the start of the opening ceremonies, the Kite behind us explodes in a bright light and almost immediately we are set upon by the Storm Lord himself. It is chaos, it is destruction. A massive demon crawls its way through a portal, creating a large rift in the center of the plaza taking many with it including the crusaders. The Storm Lord, locked in battle with the Silver Dragon Terendelev, come crashing down into the plaza. At the last possible moment Terendelev uses her magic to cast feather fall on us. We witness her beheading just as the rift closes over us, plunging the group into darkness.

As we hit bottom and take time to assess our situation, four crusaders find themselves with three other survivors. The rest are beyond our help. The first of the three, Aravashnial, was blinded by the Storm Lord’s lash, but is otherwise a wizard of some repute. The second is a rogue woman, Anevia, distracted by thoughts of her Paladin wife Irabeth up above in the thick of the danger. The third is a nobleman, Horgus Gwerm, known for his crass and difficult to work with attitude. The seven begin their slow progress through the caverns and passages, desperately searching for a way back to the surface. We continue for some time, encountering some dangerous denizens. The most notable feature was a small stone temple to Torag, complete with the head priest turned Huecuva. Past this, we finally notice a slight incline in our passage, raising our hopes that we are nearing a potential exit. We make a run-in with a crazy dwarf who couldn’t be talked down before resting.

During our rest, Beatrix talks up Anevia, hoping to ease her fears for her partner. Anevia tells her of how they met and fell in love, but still seems to be reticent to talk about something regarding Irabeth or their relationship. Horgus Gwerm, once he is rested, begins to complain endlessly of our extended stay in this filthy area. Aravashnial is depressed every time he remembers he cannot see, and that he will need a powerful regenerative magic to make himself whole again.

Making their way onward, there is a steep incline up into another cavern, where they find a pair of mongrelmen trying desperately to free one of their friends from under a collapsed watchtower. Finding them neither Chaotic nor Evil, we assist them in their efforts and they agree to take us to their chieftain. If they can assist us in making our way back to the surface, more the better. With the rift activity, their normal tunnels are damaged so they take us through an area with a plant creature, but when we encounter it, it has been killed by two crusaders, who also died in the attempt. The crusaders look to be of Iomedae, but carried the wrong weapons. A thorough search reveals an unholy symbol of Baphomet. This reveals them to be Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth! A very disturbing turn of events.

We meet with the chieftain of the mongrelman tribe, and he is quite pleasant despite his outward appearance. We bring him the unfortunate news that his son likely died, but he is still grateful. He also tells us that they are descendents of the First Crusade, warped by the abyssal magicks of the opening of the Worldwound. Upon hearing that demons are attacking the city, they ask us to help defeat an evil group of mongrelmen who have been cavorting with the Templars of Baphomet. Once they are taken care of, they’ll also have had the time to gather their warriors for a trek to the surface.


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