City of Locusts


A billion buzzing wings signal his approach. The world shudders and bleeds as he rises. Some say he foreshadows the end and call him the Usher of the Apocalypse. In the Worldwound, a realm scarred and infected by his presence, the sky boils crimson and the land below crumbles and dies. But a few heroes have the potential to halt the advance of the Lord of the Locust Host. Will they be enough? Can anyone face Deskari and his plague of demons, or is this the advent of the end of days?

All demon lords seek to expand their Abyssal realms, be it by conquering greater lands, growing new regions from their victims’ corpses, or infecting other worlds like a disease. Deskari’s realm is the Rasping Rift, a horrific maze of chasms that reach away into forever both above and below. His realm expands by extending its rifts into other worlds, and few know the horror of this expansion more intimately than denizens of Golarion. Deskari wants nothing more than to draw a significant portion of this world into his own rift, and now, he is finally ready to finish the job. If all goes according to plan, the cancer of canyons by which he’s invading Golarion may even consume the world entire.

It has been long in coming, this day, this terrible day. Many might believe it began at the start of the Age of Lost Omens, when Deskari’s greatest mortal agent, the witch Areelu Vorlesh, engineered the opening of the Worldwound deep under the prison tower Threshold. After decades of skirmishing, corruption, and torment, however, Deskari has had his fill of toying with his victims and is finally ready to finish the job.

Now the final battle approaches. Will Deskari rip the Worldwound wide open and engulf Golarion or will the heroes close the Worldwound and free Golarion from the demon invasion. The heroes will need to go into the heart of the Worldwound, the city of Iz and enter Threshold. What horrors lie in wait for them.

City of Locusts

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