Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth


Baphomet, the Lord of the Minotaurs, the Horned Lord, the Master of the Ivory Labyrinth, first came to the Worldwound in 4650 ar, 44 years after the blight opened in lost Sarkoris. Deskari enlisted Baphomet not for his mastery over labyrinths or association with minotaurs, but because the Lord of the Locust Host wanted to use the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth as a tool to further the corruption and destruction of the Mendevian Crusade from within. An alliance with Baphomet was, to Deskari, an unfortunate necessity, but in the long run it has exceeded the demon lord’s expectations. The Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth have fully infiltrated the crusade, and it was only recently, with the actions of the heroes of Kenabres, that the Templars’ influence has begun to falter.

Baphomet knew Deskari wanted his cult and not his direct influence, of course, but he was nothing if not a master of Abyssal politics. He increasingly put his cult, his children, and even himself to work at supporting the Worldwound agenda, intending to reach a point where he could wrest control of the region from Deskari and use it to draw much of Golarion into his Abyssal realm in the same way he stole an endless maze from Cania, the eighth layer of Hell, after escaping imprisonment at the hands of Asmodeus so long ago.

Yet the actions of the heroes of Kenabres have stymied his plans. They’ve slaughtered his greatest agents, disrupted Templar command, destroyed the flow of Nahyndrian crystals, and perhaps most insulting of all, defeated his favorite daughter. It was this final affront that moved Baphomet to act, and in a hasty and ill-conceived fit of rage he used his daughter’s soul as a conduit to invade the Midnight Isles, fully intending to slaughter the PCs himself. Yet he forgot one important thing: the Midnight Isles are ruled by a demon lord who specializes in the assassination of her own kind.

As Baphomet materialized in the Midnight Isles, Nocticula made her move. Nocticula struck at the Lord of the Minotaurs, in the instant after he physically manifested. Baphomet realized his fatal error too late and tried to flee, but Nocticula’s wrath followed him through the barrier between planes and struck him, for the briefest of moments, dead.

Before Baphomet was struck down he told the heroes that he had captured the Herald of Iomadae. Once they returned to the Worldwound they learned that Baphomet wasn’t lying. the Herald of Iomadae was captured during an attack on the city of Raliscrad. The heroes gather back in Drezen to figure out their next move. While trying to figure out their next steps they are blinded by a bright light and find themselves in the presence of Iomadae herself. She asks them to free her Herald from Baphomet by whatever means necessary.

Now the heroes are on their way into Baphomet’s realm. Back to the Abyss.

Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth

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