Magic Item Creation

Magical Items are created per the Pathfinder RPG crafting rules, with a few modifications.

1 – There is only one crafting feat – Craft Magical Items. This feat allows you to create all types of magical items, as if you had the proper feat. However, you can only create a magical item if you meet the caster level prerequisites for that type of item from the corresponding craft feat. For example, you must be 5th level to craft any Wand per the original Craft Wand PFRPG feat.

2 – Transferring a power from one magical item to another is allowed, with the following rules: material cost is one quarter the original cost of the power/ability/bonus, and the time necessary for the transfer is one half of what it would have cost to add the power/ability/bonus from scratch.

3 – The base DC for crafting is 5 points higher than listed in the Core Rulebook.

4 – All casters who take the Craft Magical Item feat also get the Cooperative Crafting feat for free.

Magic Item Creation

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