Wrath of the Righteous

The Tower of Threshold

The Final Assault on the Worldwound


After a night of recovery and strategizing, we teleport to the edge of the lake of worms and fire that surrounds the Threshold. Guardian black dragons and their worm-that-walks riders notice our arrival, and move to intercept. We meet them in the skies above the lake, and they fall in a few moments to our blades and arrows.

We fly to the tower, and place our first dimensional lock in the proper location before entering the lower levels.

First level contains the summoning area. A Balor lord, as well as a group of his minions, watch over these halls. Bob disintegrates the Balor, Rui slices up the Shemhazian demon, and Bab’s takes care of the rest. We find Wivver Noclan, one of the casters who played an integral part in opening the Worldwound, is also here, although he has been horrible deformed and tortured by magic. After putting him out of his misery, we dimensional lock the summoning room and move on.

The entrance to the next level drops us straight through a pond of maggots and into the Rasping Rifts in the Abyss. Deskari’s realm, the place continues to make our skin crawl. Waiting for us is a Devastator and additional troops, and again we are forced to waste resources on Deskari’s cronies before moving on.

We manage to free Lhaksharut Inevitable from his magical prison, and he joins our ranks. We also find Opun, another of the original casters tricked by Areelu Vorlesh into creating the Worldwound. After resting in Bob’s pocket mansion, we continue our quest to find the source.

This level proves a bit trickier. Areelu is waiting with Khorramzadeh’s shade (a nightwalker), the Favored of Deskari, the Echo of Deskari, and four greater death demons. They pack quite a punch! Areelu’s familiar attempts to death attack Bob, and Areelu’s spells are of the nasty variety, but again the Herald of Iomedae and her combat unit are victorious. Now, for the ritual…



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