Wrath of the Righteous

Wrath of the Pallies


We get back to Drezen and there is no time for celebration. Queen Galfrey appears and needs us to go on another mission immediately. She drones on and on about this mission. Essentially – go somewhere and kill bad guys. Then do some ritual to close the Worldwound.
We teleport to IZ. There are some constructs. Damn. Babes sold that mace. It would have kicked their butts. We decide on a full frontal assault. We seem a little over confident. As we walk toward the constructs, they welcome us. Creepy. We go inside the building and a bugman welcomes us too. Another fly demon. He tells us we were expected. Could they think we are someone else? I whisper that to the others and Babes assures me that it is a trap. He leads us to an inner chamber. It is a round chamber with naughty pictures and a hot tub in the middle. Micajah greets us. She is a pretty succubus. There is another succubus and a greater death demon a little farther back. There are two nude Halflings being used as foot stools. There is a fat succubus and some others raking the back of a guy who is lying down. We realize that there are nude copies of each of us in the room. WTF????
After a few questions, we figure out that this is a house of ill repute and our clones are popular with the clients. I’m famous and Babes is hot.
Micajah goes to get Anemora for us. She comes back and says that Anemora is too busy to see us right now. We explain that either she comes now or we are going to her. That makes Micajah mad and she attacks. They are no match for us. A couple of the succubus yield and offer us information. Pleaser Ammon tells us that the Soul Foundry is about to fall into the rift. The suture is there. There is also a ravenger there who is appears to be made from our dragon who was killed as this whole mess started.
Babes flies up to the second level. She opens a door. Jay and I hope that Babes doesn’t die but we decide that we do have a spare. It turns out Babes had found Nocticula. I don’t quite know what is going on but it seems like she is helping us. She tells us how to use the hot tub pool to teleport to Anemora.
We dive in the pool and we appear in the rasping rift. There are four apocalypse locust and Mistress Anemora. While we kill the locust, Babes goes after Anemora and beats her down in one round. We all chanted Crit Crit Holy Shit as Babes chops her up. Now where is that chisel? We loot it from her. It has Mages Disjunction so I stick it in my pack.
We head for the Soul Foundry. As we walk in, we see Terendelev. She is a skeletal ravener now. We can see where a vertebrae was cut from her neck when she was decapitated. Her head moves as if it isn’t really hooked to the neck. Creepy. She hits us with a cold breath and it hurts Bob and Ari. The rest of us avoid the damage. Babes kills Terendelev in a couple hits. No ancient silver undead dragon stands a chance. A fire elemental attacks Jay and I kill it. Then a dead baby tries to blindside me but fails. Jay kills it plus the looser who comes out of the shadows. Jay resurrects Terendelev and Jay takes her to Drezen. Then he returns to Team Pally. We loot the rooms. We find the dragon’s horde. Jay finds a secret room with a dretch chained to the wall. It turns out he is the suture. As we are figuring out what to do with him, we hear the Storm King calling for us. He sounds really pissed off. The building begins to fall into the Worldwound. Jay throws the suture into a portable hole and we move to fight the Storm King. There are four katpaskir demons and the Storm king. They are ugly MFs. I run up and kill one of the demons. The Storm King doesn’t like that and he tries to hit me with his vorpal whip. Thank Iomedae that he misses. Babes flies up to one of the katpaskir demons and crits him with her first hit. Do you think he will live? Nope. The crit queen does him in. The two remaining demons move in to attack me and Babes. The one slashes at Babes and gets a few minor hits in. Jay shoots the one attacking me. Softening him up. The Storm King moves in to hit me. He gets a good hit on me but my mirror dodge saves me. Looked for – the ninja can not be seen. Jay kills the two remaining katpaskir demons. I feint the Storm King and then miss on my first attack. The second hit is true and the smiting crit kills the Storm King in one hit. 834 damage, 21 bleed and 2 strength drain. We loot the Storm King as the rift begins to expand to the ground near us. The Soul Foundry is falling into the void. Time to go.



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